Thursday, October 21, 2010

France: When Civil Servant Dominate

Is America heading toward a European model where those working for some government entity outnumbers those that don't? The European model as personified in France, is collapsing upon itself.

Government does not create wealth. It consumes funds and energies while creating little value. We see job entitlements run amok. Not only do people want to work less than forty hours a week but they feel they should retire at 60. They people have it better than most, unless you are a 50 year old retired California state worker banking over $100,000/year plus paid health care.

The French birthright is above average standard of living in return for mediocre services provided over a 30 year working life. Weeks of annual vacation, holidays galore including many most people have no idea what they are honoring, free health care.

France is the canary in the mine. Yet liberals in America want to take us straight down the statism path. A path that sees more than half of the people working for the government, and millions not working at all but receiving welfare payments.

America is not far behind if we allow things to proceed along the Pelosi/Reid/Obama path. With more and more people deriving their standard of living from the government coffers, and less and less building wealth and paying taxes, the house of cards will come falling down. And those that derive their daily bread from the government will continue to vote themselves raises by voting Democratic -- the party that promise cradle to grave social care.

Liberals seem to find contentment in mediocrity. With little to inspire, less is being created. With less being created, America slides into European mediocrity. I enjoy Europe and appreciate their culture but that is not America. That is not greatness.

When civil servants dominate, we get France. or England, or Greece, or Spain... It might be okay for them, it is not for me.

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