Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Home, New Neighbors, New Congressional District

In June, we officially established a residency in AZ. (I've been here since November.) Our motivating factors of where to live were school district and time/distance to work.

We ended up living in a nice home, all on one level, with four bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a pool. Turns out the pool was the best decision we've made in years; and we'd never be considered "pool people."

We are in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. Our Rep is Gabrielle Giffords, a two-term Democrat. I can say with confidence I disagree with 90% of her politics.

John McCain and Jon Kyl are our Senators, two guys I can support (though I did not vote for McCain for President in 2008 and will vote for JD Hayworth for Senate in this August's primary).

Regarding the AZ State Legislature, we live in AZ District 30. Frank Antenori, Republican, is our state senator. We do not have Representative in the House, apparently it was Frank Antenori, but he left in March 2010 (I guess to serve in the AZ Senate).

What I found out rather quickly is that we live around a bunch of middle age or elderly people. These people are not overly friendly. Their public appearances consist of the opening and closing of their garage doors.

Recently, my daughter and I were helping on an Eagle Scout project. We passed out flyers for school supply donations for Deseret Industries. We had one of 50 people that made a donation. These people have money, they just chose not to be involved.
That's telling.

We are adjusting to AZ. We have a great LDS ward. We will just never develop social relationships with people outside of church.

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