Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Economic Pessimism and Anti-Obama-ism

The CBS poll published 7/13/10 is an interesting read. It is a given that the economy stinks and liberalism has run amok with massive government growth and deficit spending.

What is interesting are those who buck the trends and state what would seem the opposite of what's actually going on.

-- 51% think the effects of the recession will last longer than two years.
-- 25% think the economy is getting better.
-- 17% think the economy is good.
-- 13% think the Obama stimulus programs have helped them personally.
-- 23% think the stimulus programs have made the economy better.
-- 54% think setting a time table for withdrawal from Afghanistan is good.

On a positive note, 59% think that the economy will rebound...eventually...and make life better.

Obama has been the great divider. I wonder what he says to his wife after a long day of meetings, official appearances, and golfing when he read/hears about how many people dislike his policies? He basically thinks we are all stupid and that if we would just get on board, the socialist way of life is right for you and I (just not him and his family and close associates).

I disapprove of every policy Obama and the Democratic congress have passed. Government is too big and too inefficient and ineffective for most of man's needs. Government is the ultimate money pit. Obama is the ultimate thief.

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