Friday, July 02, 2010

Dream Theater at the Newport Music Hall

I am treading on "groupism" when it comes to Dream Theater. I saw them open for Iron Maiden in June in Phoenix and on Friday, 2 July, I went with two of my brothers and my brother's gal to see a 2.25 hour performance at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH.

It is so much better to see your favorite band perform in a small facility like the Newport. It makes it even better knowing that all of the attendees are dedicated DT fans. What topped it off was going with two of my brothers.

Their set list this evening was as follows (a good collection of DT's discography):

-- A Nightmare To Remember
-- Constant Motion
-- Hollow Years
-- The Mirror
-- Lie
-- A Rite Of Passage
-- Home
-- Panic Attack
-- As I Am
-- Pull Me Under / Metropolis Pt. 1
-- The Count Of Tuscany (encore)

Bottom line: if they are nearby, I am there.

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