Friday, July 30, 2010

David Hayes' Last Days

Dad's last days...

About 5 weeks ago, Dave Hayes was diagnosed with cancer in his lung (a tumor) and upper right leg (femur bone). He elected to take the treatment -- chemo and radiation (for the leg). He had one (of six) chemo treatments and about 7 radiation treatments. His neighbor and member of the branch presidency (Sheril Hales) had been driving him to Kingman (it is a 60 mile drive each way from Meadview). On Tuesday, 7/20/10, he was not doing well, went to the ER. They gave him some fluids and released him. He felt even worse on Wednesday so Sheril called the ambulance. It took him to the ER in Kingman. I spoke to him just prior to him getting admitted. He said he did not want to leave there -- he was feeling terrible.

I drove up (5.5 hours) and by the time I got to the Kingman Regional Medical Center, he was in the ICU on a respirator. He had very low blood pressure, high heart rate, very low white cell count, pneumonia, malnourished and dehydrated. They got him stabilized by Thursday. He was moving his arms, could squeeze my hand. But by Friday, he was unresponsive. I came home on Friday, Denise arrived on Sunday. She confirmed that he was not there any longer. They tried to take him off the respirator on Saturday but his lungs could not do their job. They put him back on it. They took him off all sedation. He was being kept alive via the respirator.

The rest of us -- Jeff, Andy, Darren and Chris -- arrived Tuesday. We had been talking about his situation for nearly a week. Dad wanted the doctors to try to help him but he did not want to be kept alive on life support. He told this to his MDs and to us. He had a Living Will confirming this. The MDs said he would not get better -- the cancer was getting him fast. We all agreed and told the MDs and nurses our decision to remove the respirator. We were all around him and within 5 minutes, he was gone. He struggled a bit but only for 30 seconds. It was the right thing to do.

The funeral services were on Friday, 30 July 2010, 11am, at the Dolan Springs Branch chapel. Jeff, Andy, Darren went to the funeral home and picked out a casket (cheapest one they had -- Dad's request), no embalming (dad said it was a rip-off and it is), hurst service, etc. The fee was still higher than you think -- luckily they take credit cards. Obituaries were ran in three papers: Kingman Daily Miner, Columbus Dispatch and Portsmouth Daily Times (that's not cheap either).

The service consisted of the Branch President (Michael Brown) conducting, much like a normal church meeting: opening/closing hymns and prayers, a choir number, and speakers. Sheril Hales spoke and each of us spoke -- Denise, Darren, Chris, Andy and Jeff (youngest to oldest). The Branch President was the concluding speaker. Dad's four sons were pallbearers along with Denise's fiancée, Kuper Donaldson, and a friend of dad's. Dad's one living brother, Phil Hayes, tried to come but was unable to get a flight in time.

The burial took place in Chloride, AZ (a living ghost town, full of veteran graves). We had the VFW Chaplin and Commandant do a military ceremony, presenting the oldest with a flag. The grave was properly dedicated. The Branch President said a few words, and that was it. We went back to the chapel where the Relief Society provided a great lunch for us.

David Hayes joined the church in Columbus after meeting some tracting elders. He joined in 1964, shortly after our oldest sister, Julia, died. He had a testimony; was faithful til the end. He was buried in his temple clothing. Although he had some strange interpretations of some gospel principles which kept him at odds with many, he was a good father, always being there while we were in our youth, both before and after our parents divorced.

He loved his children, grandchildren and extended family very much. And we love and will miss him. But he is onto that next phase of God's eternal plan. We all look forward to embracing him again some day.

(BTW, his last real meal was on In-N-Out Burger. True to his burgers to the end. Way to go dad!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

David Roth Hayes

David Roth Hayes was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, 27 July 1931, to Earl Chester Hayes Sr. and Katherine Elizabeth (Roth) Hayes. He was the second of four sons -- Earl Hayes Jr. (Betty), John Hayes (Sharon) and Phillip Hayes (Carol). He graduated from Portsmouth High School, class of 1949. He served in the Army during the Korean conflict. He worked for nearly 40 years in Columbus, Ohio at Battelle Memorial Institute as a draftsman.

He married Gloria Lonell Kidwell and they had six children: Julia, Jeffrey (Janice), Andrew, Christopher, Darren (Julie) and Denise. He has seven grandchildren. He later married Valerie and they moved to Meadview, AZ.

He was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) since 14 August 1965. A High Priest, he served in a myriad of Church callings, loving the challenge and opportunity each gave him to serve.

He loved American history and our national landscape (having driven cross-country multiple times), baseball (especially the Cincinnati Reds), Ohio State athletics (especially football and basketball), the night stars, studying the scriptures (especially the words of the living prophets), attending the LDS temple (he was an ordinance worker and visited most of the temples in the USA and Canada), politics, the LDS Wards and Branches he has lived in (from the Columbus 1st Ward to the Dolan Springs Branch), and his family.

He loved life, fighting to the end, never fearful of death. He was looking forward to embracing his parents, his daughter, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, his Savior and his Heavenly Father.

He died 27 July 2010 in Kingman, AZ of complications associated with heart disease and cancer. He will be buried in Chloride, AZ. He was 79.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Restoring American Financial Stability Act - More Bad Legislation

The Senate passes the 2,300 page financial reform bill -- Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 (H.R. 4173) by a 60 to 39 vote. If it were not for three New England Republicans (Snowe, Collins and Brown), it would have failed.

The superficial goal is worthy: to address problems that caused the current recession and taxpayers $145 billion. The resulting legislation monstrosity will not even come close to addressing this goal.

It is reminiscent of recent legislation that attempted to address the then-current financial issues of the day:

-- Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) -- Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999
-- Sarbanes–Oxley Act (2002) -- Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act (Senate) and Corporate and Auditing Accountability and Responsibility Act (House)

The legislature feels compelled to act after major events. They must be able to tell their constituencies that that did 'x' or 'y'. It does not matter if it actually addresses the problems. It does not matter if it includes billions in unrelated pork. It does not matter what it will cost long term or the logistics of its administration. Some of the highlights are:

-- Gives the government authority for setting aggregate speculative position limits (agriculture) for market participants across various exchanges to better regulate market manipulation.
-- Requires derivatives to be traded in clearinghouses (exemptions for legitimate end-users of commodities and large financial speculators).
-- Strengthened authority for the CFTC and the SEC to determine if certain market actions are disruptive or manipulative, as well as improved authorities to take enforcement actions when deemed necessary.
-- Gives the Fed the authority to step in if it determines actions by large financial entities are acting in a disruptive or manipulative manner.

Not a word about Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, two massive money pit pariahs that continue to drain the coffers.

Burdensome legislation like this creates an unfriendly business environment (like GLBA and SOX). It will drive business and jobs overseas. It hurts small businesses because it adds higher business costs.

This is nothing more than a Democrat means to expand government control over the economy and move the U.S. closer to the European system. This is not the change that does America any good.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama Now Claims Al Qaeda Is Racist

In reference to the terrorist bombing in Uganda, Obama said
"What you've seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself. They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains."
Does he think terrorists are not thinking rationally when the bomb black areas? Does he think the terrorists would have a better posture if they did not target locations in predominately black nations? Does he think that terrorist targets are only of the white or western type?

Terrorists attract any group that feels hopeless, be they Arabs in Gaza, blacks in Kampala, or white in urban England.

Politicians that place the racist card in the case of terrorism are grasping at straws. Whether is is Jesse Jackson accusing the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team of racism or Obama accusing Al Qaeda of racism in its bombing targets, the racism card is spent.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Economic Pessimism and Anti-Obama-ism

The CBS poll published 7/13/10 is an interesting read. It is a given that the economy stinks and liberalism has run amok with massive government growth and deficit spending.

What is interesting are those who buck the trends and state what would seem the opposite of what's actually going on.

-- 51% think the effects of the recession will last longer than two years.
-- 25% think the economy is getting better.
-- 17% think the economy is good.
-- 13% think the Obama stimulus programs have helped them personally.
-- 23% think the stimulus programs have made the economy better.
-- 54% think setting a time table for withdrawal from Afghanistan is good.

On a positive note, 59% think that the economy will rebound...eventually...and make life better.

Obama has been the great divider. I wonder what he says to his wife after a long day of meetings, official appearances, and golfing when he read/hears about how many people dislike his policies? He basically thinks we are all stupid and that if we would just get on board, the socialist way of life is right for you and I (just not him and his family and close associates).

I disapprove of every policy Obama and the Democratic congress have passed. Government is too big and too inefficient and ineffective for most of man's needs. Government is the ultimate money pit. Obama is the ultimate thief.

New Home, New Neighbors, New Congressional District

In June, we officially established a residency in AZ. (I've been here since November.) Our motivating factors of where to live were school district and time/distance to work.

We ended up living in a nice home, all on one level, with four bedrooms, 2.5 baths and a pool. Turns out the pool was the best decision we've made in years; and we'd never be considered "pool people."

We are in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. Our Rep is Gabrielle Giffords, a two-term Democrat. I can say with confidence I disagree with 90% of her politics.

John McCain and Jon Kyl are our Senators, two guys I can support (though I did not vote for McCain for President in 2008 and will vote for JD Hayworth for Senate in this August's primary).

Regarding the AZ State Legislature, we live in AZ District 30. Frank Antenori, Republican, is our state senator. We do not have Representative in the House, apparently it was Frank Antenori, but he left in March 2010 (I guess to serve in the AZ Senate).

What I found out rather quickly is that we live around a bunch of middle age or elderly people. These people are not overly friendly. Their public appearances consist of the opening and closing of their garage doors.

Recently, my daughter and I were helping on an Eagle Scout project. We passed out flyers for school supply donations for Deseret Industries. We had one of 50 people that made a donation. These people have money, they just chose not to be involved.
That's telling.

We are adjusting to AZ. We have a great LDS ward. We will just never develop social relationships with people outside of church.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Jack Johnson -- Original Color Barrier Figure

100 years ago to day, Jack Johnson beat Jim Jeffries in Reno, NV in what was correctly referred to as the fight of the century.

Jeffries was arguably the best fighter of his era. He retired as heavyweight champion. At the same time, Jack Johnson was winning every fight he was in. He wanted the title for himself. Problem was: Johnson was black and Jeffries was white. Blacks were not allowed into the nation's boxing mainstream.

Johnson was definitely the better fighter on this day. But the story goes much deeper. This was a battle between the races. To most, the blacks were inferior and could not compete at the white man's level. The thought of even allowing it was preposterous to many.

Johnson was a catalyst for this confrontation for many reasons. The primary one was his affinity for white women (and their affinity toward him). His miscegenation practice was difficult for whites and blacks alike.

In the aftermath of the fight, riots broke out in many American cities. The whites did not like seeing the blacks celebrating the victory. To them, the blacks were throwing it in their face -- the bad loser/bad winner syndrome.

Jack Johnson did many things in his shortened life. But to me, he will be remembered for his efforts to break down the color barrier.

For further information, Ken Burns' documentary, Unforgivable Blackness, is a great film (albeit 3.5 hours).

Friday, July 02, 2010

Dream Theater at the Newport Music Hall

I am treading on "groupism" when it comes to Dream Theater. I saw them open for Iron Maiden in June in Phoenix and on Friday, 2 July, I went with two of my brothers and my brother's gal to see a 2.25 hour performance at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH.

It is so much better to see your favorite band perform in a small facility like the Newport. It makes it even better knowing that all of the attendees are dedicated DT fans. What topped it off was going with two of my brothers.

Their set list this evening was as follows (a good collection of DT's discography):

-- A Nightmare To Remember
-- Constant Motion
-- Hollow Years
-- The Mirror
-- Lie
-- A Rite Of Passage
-- Home
-- Panic Attack
-- As I Am
-- Pull Me Under / Metropolis Pt. 1
-- The Count Of Tuscany (encore)

Bottom line: if they are nearby, I am there.