Saturday, June 26, 2010

Obama's New America Leads in Mediocrity

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said the world "cannot depend as much on the US as it did in the past". In speaking ahead of this weekend's G8 and G20 meetings in Toronto, he said
-- Other major economies would have to grow more for the global economy to prosper.
-- Played down any differences in policy between the US and Europe regarding deficit reduction.
Now we have Vice President Biden telling an audience of supporters "there's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession."

This pessimism is core to liberal policies. As the government takes a greater roll in controlling of our lives, the crippling nature of heavy taxes and entitlements make it harder for businesses to get established and to grow.

Entrepreneurs have a more difficult time raising capital. Investors affinity for modern risk is diminished.

What might work in China, will not work in America. As we become more European with our stifling policies, we end up becoming impotent.

Key faces of the Obama Administration are stating the true results of its socialistic policies: We can no longer lead; rather we will limp along excelling in mediocrity.

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