Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama, Oil and the End of the Social Experiment

The golf oil leak is a disaster of epic proportions. The fault is all over the place. The biggest fault is with the businesses that were responsive for the drilling, the platform operations and the science and associated testing behind the deep water drilling efforts.

How the Obama administration has approached this will be his millstone. they have failed on the PR front (he still continues to vacation and golf at the drop of a hat). He claims to be fighting with everything he has. That consists of Hugo-Chavezing BP into mandatory payments for associated business economic losses.

He gave one of the all-time worse presidential speeches (his speech writing is probably out looking for work) last Tuesday. After him-hawing around for a few minutes, he got to the real Obama -- more government oversight and how evil we are for using oil.

Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Canada, Iran, etc. all continue to drill and operate deep water oil rigs. But not America. Will Obama leading the nation, his response is opportunistic and mandates we stop off-shore drilling and investigate the accident so this never happen again.

Obama, being the puppet that he is, will support the left's energy agenda: oil bad, renwable good; high price gasoline good, SUVs bad.

I am amazed at the poor planning done by BP and Deepwater Horizon. But every other firm in this business is just lucky it was not them.

I wonder what the situation would be like if Exxon Mobile had this happen in the Indian Ocean and oil was causing harm to other countries? Would America take the insults from those countries like it is dishing out to Britain?

This leak looks like it will go on for months. The forthcoming damage will continue to escalate. This millstone will continue to down Obama, perhaps killing off the social experiment that he has been as quick as possible.

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