Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Month Without TV Easy Compared to No Internet

In completing our move from Utah to Arizona, we had some problems with our Internet and cable TV provider of choice. It seems the local cable company, Comcast in this case, has never provided service to this property. I assume that the previous people used DSL for Internet and traditional antenna and satellite for TV service.

In order to get the cable to the property, they had to schedule a dig crew. The phone rep who took the initial order did not say that. We waited 10 days for a guy to come out to hook up the service only to discover that the nearest junction box was 100 or so yards down the street. He promised a crew would by in two weeks. They showed up about three weeks later. And that crew was just a dig crew; they could not actually hook up the service. The service-enabling guy is scheduled to be here tomorrow. What do you bet there are issues and we still do not have cable TV or Internet access?

Luckily I have a neighbor, who I don't know, running an unsecured access point. I am not overly concerned about security as most of the people in this area tend to be elderly. The process of securing WiFi might not be something they are too keen on. (I do not, however, conduct any financial services through this borrowed WiFi.)

This has meant that we have had no TV for over a month and rather slow internet access. The only pain this has caused is not being able to watch the World Cup or MLB. To compensate, I have listen to World Cup via streaming ESPN Radio or have been forced to go somewhere to watch. For MLB, I have an audio account that allows me to listen to any game live via the MLB Web site ($20/year).

One can survive without TV. But having no Internet would be much worse.

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