Sunday, June 20, 2010

FCC Regulation Is Part of the Fairness Doctrine

FCC agreed this past week to begin formal consideration to adopt new rules for high- speed internet companies. These forthcoming rules will attempt go after a business' right to do what it wishes with its services.

If for example, a service provider wants to raise it prices on the users base that uses a large portion of its bandwidth, it may not be able to do so. If a service providers wants to limit access to certain sites, throttle bandwidth, and create tiered pricing, it may not be able to do so. If a service provider elects not to give away free services to those unable or unwilling to pay, they may not have that right.

This Democrat-lead FCC is anti-business. They are part of the 'more government oversight is better' constituency.

There is no reason to assume that they cannot mandate balanced coverage or access, based on political stances. For example, if the bulk of talk radio streaming is for conservative talk radio, what's to say they will not force an equal amount of streaming from the opposing political side of the issue, however various and numerous those decenting positions might be.

We also have voices claiming they need to monitor all Internet traffic in hopes of sniffing some terrorist communications. This goes against the First Amendment. Radical opinion is everyone's right. Opinion being the operative word. In other words, everyone gets stripped searched because one in ten million might be planning an attach.

Let's just do better police work and leave the civil liberties alone.

Stick a dork like Janet Napolitano (aka Big Sis) into the position of Homeland Security Director, expect idiotic ideas.

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