Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama's True Colors with Calderón AZ Imigration Law

What President Obama allowed to happen today, and in which he was party to, infuriates me to no end.

Mexican President Felipe Calderón came to the USA as our guest and criticized the "new" AZ anti-immigration law. Obama was complicate with him agreeing that he was looking at its Constitutionality.

Mexican's illegal immigration laws are much stricter than America's. What they do is nothing compared what our federal laws state (but which are lightly enforced). Mexican immigration laws included the following provisions:

-- must speak the native language
-- must be a professional or an investor, not unskilled
-- there are no bilingual programs sponsored by government
-- foreigners will never have the right to vote or hold political office
-- foreigners will not be given welfare, health care, or government assistance
-- foreigners may not protest
-- illegals will go to jail for multi-year stints (Mexican jails are nice)

Calderón only wants the remittances and what they do for his governmental programs. Calderón is not a true friend of America. He is only looking out for his selfish interests. Obama is complacent. Immigration is a red herring for both of these politicians.

I disliked Obama's politics from day one. Now I can say I am starting to dislike him personally. A person that will not defend his fellow-countrymen, lacks spine. If a Republican were President, Calderón would not have said what he said.

Obama is now officially a sell-out. He's a spineless, American-hating, self-promoting demagogue. How a man like that can bear the title of Commander In Chief is beyond me. He has and continues to disgrace the office.

Another sad day for America and for me.

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mfmosman said...

I understand your point on the principle of immigration (though I would likely disagree with your proposal on policy). We have every right to secure our borders.

But your point on Mexican immigration laws is factually untrue. They DID have strict immigration laws, but those have been loosened over years, and finally were (essentially) abolished in 2008. What we would call illegal immigration is no longer a crime of any kind in Mexico.

I'm not saying that's a good policy, either. Just correcting the facts.