Sunday, May 02, 2010

Border Wars Taking Place Deep Inside America

It has been more than interesting to see and hear the reactions to Arizona Senate Bill 1070:
The legislature finds that there is a compelling interest in the cooperative enforcement of federal immigration laws throughout all of Arizona. The legislature declares that the intent of this act is to make attrition through enforcement the public policy of all state and local government agencies in Arizona. The provisions of this act are intended to work together to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the United States.
We talk about it at work, at play and in the family. Despite overwhelming support for the belief that we need to control out borders and eliminate the illegal immigrate problem, the minority are getting the louder voice.

I was listening to NPR's Maria Hinojosa political diatribe on Latino rights they call Latino USA. I can barely tolerate her politics and interviewing techniques, but the other side of the story is worth hearing. She spent the week in Phoenix drumming up support for her anti-1070 fodder. This weekend's program was spent airing the exceptions and not dealing with the real problem.

-- A Latino-American man who served in the U.S. military is married to an illegal immigrant from Mexico. He has two children, she has two and together they have two. They were all teary-eyed over the possibility of her being deported. The host did not delve into the issue of getting her plight of getting legal. She is married to a U.S. citizen; this should not be an issue and if it is, there's a fit to a problem everyone would support.

-- A small group of college-aged students, presumably of Hispanic backgrounds. They were saying how racist and how unfair this state law is. Leave it to students to spewing off their altruistic opinions. They are experts on everything... according to them. (Note to self: if a students is interviewed, disregard said testimony as irrelevant.)

This is not a racist bill, though the immigration problem is a 100% Hispanic one. This is a wake-up bill to Washington DC and the self-aggrandizing current and past administrations.

It is illegal to be in America illegally. This is a federal law. The federal government should be enforcing our laws. It is not. Congress has not provided sufficient direction and funding to do the job. Democrats like the votes, Republicans like the cheap the saying goes. This problems has existed regardless of who controls Washington. Obama, Reed and Pelosi just happens to be the ones that can do something about it today.

Families getting torn apart and the police acting like the Gestapo are not changed by this law, if the federal authorities were doing their jobs. These "show-me-your-papers" fears are "misguided."

The murder of Cochise County rancher Rob Krentz is just the most recent example of what's happening on our border. We are fighting a war with Mexico. The war is over drugs -- Mexicans are in the drug delivery business; Americans are in the drug consuming business.

The Border Patrol, in case you did not know (due to its lack of funding) protects our border deep inside America. They have road checks 50 inland. Why? They cannot patrol the so-called fence, as there really is not one to speak of. There are a few facades in places but go 50 miles down the border, and walk right through. They acknowledge the entries and try to catch them at inland checkpoints.

Most Mexicans do not come here for citizenship. That argument should be tossed out. They come her for economic reasons -- anything to get out of their cesspool of a nation. They break the law getting her, albeit a misdemeanor. Over time, life occurs. They learn how to find work and how to find forged papers. They have children, so they learn how to get health care and education at the expense of the American taxpayers. Life continues and their children learn the American ways, all based on a fraud. Children should not be held accountable for their parents' mistakes. One could make a case for a citizenship path for the children of their illegal parents but would have a tough time making the case for the instigators of the mess -- the parents.

America is being invaded from the south. Build the fence. Defend the entire border. Deal with the exceptions. Do not award citizenship to those who came her illegally, with no interest in becoming American citizens.

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Rachel Hauck said...

Good post, cuz! I agree!! It has to stop somewhere!

We continually makes excepts for the WHOLE based on those "few" minorities of ppl who married an American citizen. I'm not sure what to think about the children issue. If we say the parents can be citizens because the children are, then that encourages more illegal immigration to birth babies here.

Yes, please protect the borders and American citizens. Trouble is, I think this issue goes way deep into the heart of Washington -- Bush did nothing about it either -- and we are just not going to see change. Not unless WE the PEOPLE rise up. It could get violent.

Let's keep speaking out!

Ah, America...