Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arizona's New 1 Cent Tax...Ultimate Scam

Today, the Arizona voters approved a "temporary" one-cent increase in state sales tax. Proposition 100, the only thing on the ballot had at its intent to raise ~$1 billion a year for the next three years. Most voters voted for it thinking that if they didn't the public schools would suffer.

The YES votes were two to one over the NO votes. I voted NO.

In Tucson, where I live, we will now pay 9.1% sales tax.

Government, regardless of which party's in power, will find a way to spend money. They will never have enough. The AZ state government, like every single state in the USA, takes in too much money. In every state, they misappropriate it.

Big government, the core to conservative politics, is bad. This new tax does nothing to quell the size of government. Just the opposite. In three years, the budget will still be a disaster. AZ schools will still be some of the worst in the nation. The cuts they should be making now -- in fact years ago -- will still be un-addressed.

Governor Jan Brewer's true colors came out on this new tax that she championed. On one hand, she is getting kudos for her anti-immigration stance (and I applaud her for that), but on the other, she has made THE core mistake of modern government: RAISE TAXES.

The national talking heads -- the conservative ones that want her to appear on their programs -- had better address both sides of her politics.

There are core stances a conservative MUST take. No new taxes is at the very top. In fact, a true conservative will figure out how to shrink government. Governor Brewer failed the test.

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