Sunday, May 16, 2010

Aiding and Abetting

I know for a fact I helped aid and abet an alcoholic this afternoon. Here's the sad story.

For the past few months, after taking a new job in a new city and coming six months ahead of my family not wanting to interrupt the school year, I rented a room in a suburban home. It is actually a very good deal financially, convenient to work, and the conditions are more than acceptable. The lady that owns the house did so so she would not lose her home. She rents three rooms to help her cover her mortgage.

She currently has two vacancies. She literally saw a man laying on the sidewalk outside a grocery store. She asked him if he needed a place to live. As "luck" would have it, he did. The house he and his wife live in is getting repossessed. They also did not pay the electric bill for a few months and the electric company turned off the power. He agreed to her weekly rate, paid her. They moved in -- they being the key word.

On the first night, about 1 am, he started making all kinds of noise and creating a ruckus. He was drunk. The owner came in, told them they were out, right then and there. Her will was greater than his. She put them in her car and drove them to their powerless home and dropped them off. She thought that was the end of her "Good Samaritan" foray.

They came back around late the following day wanting their money back. She said "no;" said she spent it. She offered to drive them around to help pay it back.

In the mean time, they have a house full of crap that they want to sell before the bank takes it over. They asked the land-lady to manage a garage sale for them for 50% of the proceeds. She agreed, provided she got to handle all the cash. They agreed.

I got to drop by for a pre-sale look. Turns out the lady was recently widowed. She had a nervous breakdown shortly after his death, spending some time in a mental facility. That's where she met her new husband. He's an alcoholic. Both are on government welfare -- she gets $1200/mo and he gets $800. It all goes to alcohol, cigarettes, and fast food.

I was not interested in the smoke-reeking household items. But it turns out the lady's first husband had some tools. I was able to buy a few hand and power tools (including a Dremel set), a 3-pack of never-opened leather gloves, and a 4 in 1 Gorilla ladder. I will not tell you what I paid, but it was about 1/20th of what they would go for new.

That money was divided between the two parties, he got his cut. He asked for a ride to the grocery store. The store is about a mile from his house and he has no car.

I knew perfectly well what he was going to do with that money. He had it for less than 5 minutes and it went straight to beer and smokes.

He mentioned, on the ride over, that he hopes Obama can help them out so he and his wife can stay in their home (her home). He could never be considered one of society's finest, although he said he did serve six years as a Marine, but he knows how to work the welfare system for his benefit. To him, it is an entitlement.

Because he has the right to vote, there's only one party he votes for. He's smart enough to know where his free lunch comes from. Obama and those like him are their "guys."

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