Monday, April 05, 2010

Play Ball

April 4th, Yankees at Red Sox under the lights, April 5th for everyone else. These games count after a month of spring training.

Hope and optimism abound, unless you are from Kansas City, Oakland, Toronto, Baltimore, Pittsburgh... The sad thing about baseball is that there are a large number of teams that really have no chance of winning their divisions. The distribution of wealth in MLB is huge.

It amazes me that so many fans pay the high prices for tickets, soda, dogs, beer, parking and souvenirs for teams that will lose way more than they will win. Seems to be one of the biggest cons going. Sure we like the game but there ought to be a limit on what people are willing to pay for entertainment.

Minor league ball is more enjoyable for the family and the casual fans. It is priced closer to what is reasonable. Major league ball is provided at major league prices. If we are pouring that much money into athletes and their games, this recession is not that severe.

I consider myself a serious fan. I play Fantasy MLB, watch the MLB Network, and have a subscription to MLB gameday audio (now called At Bat). I'll go to a few games this year like I always do. As I don't live in a MLB town, I'll have to travel to do so. I will buy scalped seats, never paying full price. I limit my food and beverage intake to $10-15 (per person). I never buy souvenirs or programs.

I love baseball but don't like the greedy side of the business.

Regardless, let's play ball.

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