Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finger Rock Canyon

Finger Rock Canyon on the southwest corner of the Santa Catalina Mountains is a hike that mandates a bit of determination. It starts off easy in a pretty lower Sonoran environment but after a mile or so, the climb begins. And that climb is steady. I've been up worse but this hike should be considered strenuous.

The things a hiker must be aware of is that it is non-stop uphill. It is sun-drenched. There is no water (for a 75 degree F sunny day, this was still a one gallon hike). And it is one thing getting to the top, to Mt. Kimball (few do), but you must get back down.

This is the mountain hiker's dilemma: is it harder going up, with a full pack, plenty of water, or coming down after exerting so much energy getting up? Those with bad knees and ankles will not like this decent.

If you want to see the southern canyons of the Santa Catalina Mountains, you will see fewer hikers, even fewer past the saddle at around mile 3.5. It is a nice albeit hard hike.

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