Monday, March 22, 2010

Significance of Low Ratings for Pelosi and Reid

A recent CBS News poll found Speaker Pelosi's favorable rating at 11 percent. Her unfavorable rating is 37 percent.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's favorable rating is eight percent. His unfavorable rating stands at 23 percent.

Even more disturbing is that more than half of those surveyed say they are either undecided about Pelosi or haven't heard enough to make a decision.

Face it, most Americans, that means more than half, are clueless about politics. Pelosi and Reid know this. If the masses don't event know who these congressional leaders are, there's know way they have enough information to make an educated decision about massive government-sponsored health care.

However, it does not matter what some blogger in AZ or what some conservative in Florida think about them: they are elected by their districts and states. All that matters is what the people in California's 8th District (640,000 people in 3/4s of San Francisco) think about Pelosi and what the 2.6 million people of Nevada think about Reid. If they don't vote them out, then the opinions outside of these realms mean nothing.

Pelosi is safe. It is a different story for Reid.

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