Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthcare Reform Passes, We Lose As A Nation

Elections have consequences. The liberal wing of the Democrat Party won a huge victory tonight. Agree with it or not, they were able to twist enough arms, provide enough spifs and convenience 219 congressional reps to vote for it (vs 212 that voted against it).

It is historical. It is an entitlement that will trump social security and medicare/medicaid. But it was not a vote for America. It was a vote straight down party lines -- not a single Republican voted for it. So Obama and Pelosi are disingenuous when they tell us otherwise.

If it were not clear prior, it is clear now: America has embraces a socialist ideology along the lines of Europe. The government has continued to increase in size, and as a result, in inefficiency, regardless of the party in power. It just moving there faster.

Obviously more people think a bigger, controlled government is better. I don't. I think it takes more freedom from us all. It rewards underachievers and idleness and disincentivizes risk taking and entrepreneurship.

This is a night I will always remember, a day that the government reached deeper into my pocket to give more of my money to people they feel need it more that I do.

This is 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. It cannot be funded. It will mandate government rationing of healthcare. This is probably what makes me the maddest because I will be the direct recipient of this rationing in my later years. That heart process or test will not be allowed because it is not in the budget.

Elections have consequences and I lost again.

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