Friday, February 26, 2010

Sane Healthcare Reform

Liberals want complete government control of our healthcare, from cradle to grave. Conservatives want to minimize the role government takes, having them focus their efforts on cost control.

For former is insane; the later prudent. One based on emotion, the other on logic.

Today, individuals are have little role in their personal healthcare. They pay a small percentage of their incomes. Their employers, the government and the insurance companies are the key players. Hence the reason for the problem.

Individuals need to take greater responsibility for their health care. The best thing for us all is to allow the market forces to work their mojo on those providing the insurance and the care.

It should not be cheaper to buy health care through an employer. Health care saving and spending accounts would goo a long way to address the out of pocket costs. It would force people to go to the MD when they really need it. Too many have the attitude that if they have insurance, they should use it.

Health care insurance should be tax deductible, not just for companies but for individuals.

Individuals should be able to buy health insurance across state borders. For example, if you want to buy a policy from a state that mandates abortion or sex change coverage, then you should have that option. If not, then you should not be force to subsidize those policies that do.

Tort reform is critical to cost controls. Today, MDs will order costly procedures in the hope of covering all of their basis and limiting law suits. Malpractice suits should still exist but there needs to be reasonable caps.
Despite the claims of some partisans to the contrary, the president's plan is failing because it does not speak to the concerns of the majority of Americans. Instead of addressing the high and rising costs of care, it proposes mandates, invasive regulation, and unaffordable new entitlements. This will not bring health-care costs down—it will only make this problem worse.
Obamacare is smoke and mirrors. It will quickly consume more and more of our GDP, trumping social security and other out-of-control federal spending. Only an idiot would buy into Obamacare as a deficit-reducing program. The regulation and mandates will be enormous, crushing both in quality of care, flexibility and costs. This liberal-lead program will be the mother of all federal entitlement programs, just the way they want and exactly what conservatives and most Americans do not want.

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