Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nevada, Please Make Harry Cry

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have got to be two people in this world that would be at the top of my least admired list. It amazes me that their constituencies continue to vote them back into office. And then, what is it about these people that their congressional peers favor them with the positions they have?

Harry and Nancy are going to "try" to shove the same Obamacare plan Americans rejected vociferously back down our throats.

We all must appreciate the wisdom of these omniscient members of congress. How blessed we are to have them tell us what is in our best interest -- personally and nationally.

The people in San Fransicko will not vote out Nancy but I hold out hope that the people of Nevada will vote Harry out -- for their personal interests as well as our national interest.

As Harry is warning Republicans that they "should stop crying" about invoking the budget reconciliation process to pass a health care reform bill, Nevadans should make Harry cry and send him back home. Please!

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