Thursday, January 14, 2010

Obama King of Class Warfare

Obama's statement today about making the banks pay for their past sins and for taking TARP money was at his egotistical finest.

I really wish I cold like this man but he does not give me anything to work with. I cannot stand him, his policies and his deceit.

He is making it appear as if only the rich, wall street bankers are to blame for our current, national financial woes. Sure there were mistakes make by these banks. Politicians love finding scapegoats, and the rich are target #1 for Democrats.

Many of those that received funds have paid them back with interest. Why does Obama feel it is in our national, financial best interest to make banks that have paid back their loans with a heavy tax?

Obama is trying to capitalize on class envy. He is going to punish those that fulfilled their end of the bargain and he will reward those broken organizations like GM and Freddie Mac with more money. Take from the successful and give to the failures. That must be the Democrat way because they do it over and over.

These policies will not provide American any inventive to invest, spend and take risks.

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