Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brother This and Sister That

I have been a member of the Church most of my life. However I have never been overly comfortable with calling my fellow members brother and sister. For me, about the only time I do this is if I remember the last name of someone, but forget the first name.

I am not opposed to anyone call me brother, I just don't feel comfortable reciprocating.

Like most places in the country, Mormon co-workers are in the minority. Where I work, there are less than ten members, out of around 350 people. I just happen to sit by a fellow member; a good guy. He is often overheard talking on the phone to fellow Church members throughout the day. I just wonder what others think when they hear him saying "brother this or sister that?"

We all know Mormons are a peculiar people. This is just another one of the peculiarisms.

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