Monday, January 25, 2010

Brett Farve, The Good and the Bad

Congrats to the Saints. They have had a great season. I will not get on the Saints bandwagon but appreciate those that have been Saints fans for decades. The Saints only have five Viking turnovers to thank in their overtime win in the Superdome.

Sure the Vikings fumbled way to many times, but this game clearly was lost by Brett Farve.

I appreciate Farve's effort and career. But I have never been a fan. He has always gotten away with bad tactics and questionable decisions. More often than not, his athleticism got him over the hump.

But when you need him to pull through, he lets you down. He might have helped the Packers win a Super Bowl, but he kept the Vikings out of this year's. It is like a super star basketball player who misses free throws at crunch time or the last second 3-pointer. The Vikings would not have been here with out him, but he also cost them this game.

He made the sin of all QB sins: throwing back across the field on a role out.

I wish it were not so but it is ironic that Farve's last pass will go down as an INT.

This is one I will never get over.

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