Sunday, January 31, 2010

Avatat -- Good Movie But With Hollyweird Overtones

Everyone loves Avatar. I enjoyed the film. I laid down the extra money for the 3D experience. The special effects were amazing. But the story was a bit lame. I guess it makes for good theatre but the liberal overtones were obvious.

The premise about a world that has a valuable natural resource gets exploited by greedy capitalists and over zealous military at the expense of an indigenous people and the environment. If that's not Hollyweird, I don't know what is.

According to them, all capitalism is bad because it exploits the weak and the environment. They see capitalists as believing nothing is sacred -- no flora or fauna species is immune to the inevitable that progress dictates. That all military is bad -- they kill for the sake of killing, only the smart will disobey orders.

Hollywierd is great at propaganda, disguised as entertainment. I just hope others can enjoy a movies but realize that there is at least a secondary agenda that is core to Hollywood and liberals the world over.

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