Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A War to Win or Another Step into the Stygian Abyss

Obama was at his typical narcissistic best Tuesday night. We have waited months for his strategic direction for Afghanistan. A bombastic orator, he has dome something that might win elections but not translate into prudent governing.

When a politician tries to please everyone, he ends up pleasing none. Obama's home is in the hustings, not in actually making the tough decisions associated with position.

He did not mention victory. He sounded more like LBJ -- running scared, sounding like he wants success but presenting a coward's plan.

One cannot tell his opponent his strategy and hope to win. How do tell your opponent you will be done in 18 months and think that is a great idea?

It'll be 4-6 months to get the first new troops there and in 12-14 months start bringing them home.

We do not have the money. We never had the money. Afghanistan was a popular idea after 911 -- rah rah -- both sides of the aisle. Iraq was a so-called diversion.

Foreign wars with marginal strategic value are always bad ideas. They never end the way they were originally sold. They are hard.

Whatever we do in Afghanistan over the next 18 months will be okay in some ways but not worth the cost -- money, lives and opportunity costs.

This is another step into the stygian depths of a foreign quagmire, with Obama, the anointed one, leading the way.

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