Sunday, December 20, 2009

Health Care Bill: Political Suicide or Real Value

The reason I am not a liberal is because I do not think government is the answer to most of society's problems. What the federal government is best equipped to do -- military and certain infrastructure -- they are less than stellar. Why don't they do a good job? Because they have no competition -- no compelling reason to excel.

In this latest health care maelstrom, the motivation started off with coverage for those not currently being covered by medial insurance, for whatever reason. This new proposal is not going to cover all of those insured. This is axiomatic.

Sure, there will be some people that will benefit, though certainly not the majority. What it will do is provide less quality health care with conscious rationing, discourage Americans from going into medical practice (not a good personal investment to time and money give the potential return), create an insurance system that will not be competitively fair (if their costs are greater than their incomes, which will occur, they cannot go broke like real firms). It will offer coverage for abortions and other political sensitive procedures.

Most reasonable people understand this. Event he politician behind it. This is not about better health care, it is about control and power. Likewise, the debating process that has gone on this past few weeks is not legislation, it is closer to corruption.

What Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) did was nothing less than corruption: holding out for wording in the bill that would only benefit Nebraska.

Many representatives have conscientiously elected to vote against the wishes of their constituencies, even if it cost them their position. They are liberals first, representatives second. They are willing to commit political suicide for socialized medicine.

Last week, the bombastic President Obama had the audacity of claiming that if we don't pass this health care bill, the federal government 'will go bankrupt'. Certainly we have a problem with runaway health care costs, but this socialized health care bill is not the answer. You can be sure it will direct us toward bankruptcy or poor health care for the masses. It is an entitlement on par with social security, trumping even the current Medicaid and Medicare programs. Obama's waggish ways have grown old. His jeremiad is woefully predictable.

Elections do have consequences. The Democrats will pay a price in November, but there is little confidence the Republicans that will fill the void will be able to reverse socialization. It is a desultory discussion.

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