Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Health Bill Becomes a Pro-Abortion Bill

A health care bill (aka: socialize medicine) coupled with health insurance (aka: the public option) is a dream come true for most Democrats. When government funded abortion is added to the mix, liberals are seeing the realization of a life long fantasy.

Only an idiot would have thought abortion would not be included in this bill. Any anti-abortion Democrat will mind their position in the party -- shut up and vote yes.

I can also promise you that illegal immigrants will also be covered by this health care program, most without having to pay a cent.

Give away free stuff to the lower ranks of society, you have voters for life, generation after generation. Look at how African Americans vote. Hispanics are following suit. This has worked all over the third world for decades -- Chavezism at its finest is being realized in America.

While we all know we have runaway medical costs, creating a massive entitlement program couple with a certain degradation in the quality of health care for most (over time) is the wrong thing to do in a recession.

Whereas some will argue that federal government allowed us to avoid a depression with their TARP and stimulus programs, none of the programs are designed to build confidence in business opportunities.

The bottom line is that businesses are uncomfortable about the impact the health care entitlement will have on them.

I know from personal experience that in our business, 2010 is being forecast similar to 2009, not 2008; and even then, with some reservation. There is hope that we it will not be as bad as it has been in 2009. My opinion is that 2010 will be 5-10 percent below 2009. I hope I am wrong.

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