Saturday, December 05, 2009

Great College Football Games

In my opinion, today's conference championship games were as good of college football you could hope for. If you watch college football one day a year, this was the day.

In a snow storm in Pittsburgh, the #15 ranked Pitt Panthers (now 9-3) had the early advantage in this de facto Big East championship game. But after it was all said and done, the #5 ranked Cincinnati Bearcats (now 12-0) were able to pull it out. Despite 3 INTs, Tony Pike was able to throw 3 TDS passes including the game winner.

In the Conference USA Championship game in Greenville, NC, had #21 ranked Houston Now 10-3) playing unranked East Carolina (now 9-4). Despite over 500 years passing and 5 TDs, Case Keenham was unable to rally the troops and the Pirates beat the Cougars 38-32.

The game of the season, so they tell us, had #1 Florida (now 12-1) against #2 Alabama (now 13-0) in the SEC Championship in Atlanta. Alabama dominated; clearly the better team. They won going away, 32-13. Tebow (FL QB) was less than impressive. Ingram (RB - Ala) was very impressive. Alabama will now be ranked #1 and will play in the BCS Championship game in Pasadena on 7 January.

It looks like the Crimson Tide will be playing Texas in Pasadena. The #3 ranked Texas Longhorns (now 13-0) won with a last second field goal, 13-12, over the #22 ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers (now 9-4) in Dallas. A defensive game from the get-go. Nebraska clearly has the best player in the nation in their defensive tackle, Ndamukong Suh.

Taking place at the same time, the ACC Championship game was taking place in Tampa. It pitted #10 Georgia Tech (now 11-2) against unranked Clemson (now 8-5). This might have been the best game of the day. In a great performance, Tiger RB C.J. Spiller rushed for 233 yards and 4 TDs, but in a losing effort. The Yellow Jackets were able to score a game winning TD with less than 2 minutes to play; the Tigers were unable to answer, losing 39-34.

The BCS system is unfair and broken. But with games like this, I guess it does not matter. The bowl games, for the most part are anti-climatic, a road trip for the die hard fans. How does one tell which team is deserving of a shot at the championship game -- the one game? Alabama, Texas, TCU, Cincinnati, Boise State are all undefeated, yet only two can play in that one game. Texas lucked out -- Nebraska kicks off out of bounds, and latter horse-collars a receiver putting Texas in FG position. Then Colt McCoy had a brain cramp and almost ran out of time, even with a TO in his pocket. They put one second back on the clock (rightly so) giving Texas the shot at the FG attempt.

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat on display today. It was great not having a horse in the race; just watching was very entertaining.

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rakeback said...

Tony Pike is a solid 1st-2nd round draft choice, but its hard to predict his NFL future because of the offense that was run at Cincy. There are a lot of qbs that put up huge numbers in offense-friendly systems, but dont do well in the pros.