Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Beer Can Collecting

Talk about nostalgia, when I read the Wednesday, 9 December 2009, front page article called Behold the Beer Can, Its Beauty Faded In the Eyes of the Young in the Wall Street Journal, I reverted back to my mid-teens.

Although a Mormon boy from Ohio, a friend and I were avid beer can collectors. He got me started. He had nearly 500 different beer cans. I built my collection to over 200.

I was probably 13-15 year old. I would make a point of digging through trash cans and dumsters in the large appartment complexes near my house. Saturday morning was a good collecting day, as was Monday, before the trash truck came.

Don't ask me why beer cans. It was actually a rather filthy hobby. The things we found in beer cans when we emptied and cleaned them of their content was rather disgusting.

I don't remember what I did with my collection. I can guarantee you that if I had it today, it would be worth something. I am not a pack rat, and tend to travel light. I just figured that it was stuff I really did not need; it would be too much hassle to deal with over the years as I moved all over the country.

I almost forgot about the hobby. The article made me remember it ... fondly, I guess.

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