Monday, November 09, 2009

Nothing Like A New Job

I started a new job, with a new company, in a new city and state. I decided I needed a new start. The old thing was not working and it had not been working for five years. I gave the past business an enormous amount of my time and money. The financial opportunity cost was huge; the learning experience priceless.

I will be back into product management, this time in a more traditional form. The product managers (PMs) here own the product from start to finish with complete P&L responsibilities. Most technology PMs have product responsibility and lack the marketing roles.

The bad thing is being in a city far from my family, without the ability to return home as frequent as I'd like. We are in a buyers market for new homes but not in a sellers market for an existing home.

There is nothing like a new job. Getting out of a rut is something I needed to do. Goodbye Utah for a season; hello Arizona.

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Rachel Hauck said...

Thinking of you! I know it's hard to be away from Janice and Sophie.

Grace and peace. Praying for great success on your new job!

Hugs, Rachel