Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crossing the Mexican Border

I spent the day in Nogales, Mexico. Getting into Mexico is rather easy -- no lines -- they just want you to pay $23. that is the equivalent of a Visa but to for a specific company. (We have other facilities in Mexico that I can use this for, entering in another port of entry.)

Coming back was more involved. the guy I was with drives to-from Nogales once a week. He has a "fast pass" to expedite his crossings. He was able to drive through a special lane. right before crossing, I got out, walked around the corner to the foot-traffic line. It took about 5 minutes, met a US border patrol agent, he asked me a few question after looking at my passport, and wallah, back in the USA.

What I noticed or confirmed is that like most security, it is for the few. Most people pass back and forth for work. They do not have evil on the mind. It is the few -- the smugglers, the wanna-be terrorists, the disease-carrying chaff -- that merit the billions spent on security.

And it is the few that truly merit this expenditure in our to protect this nation.

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