Thursday, November 12, 2009

And You Want to Be My Health Care Provider...

The CDC claims that H1N1 has killed 3,900 Americans thus far.
In an average flu season, about 36,000 Americans die and 200,000 are hospitalized with 90 percent of deaths and hospitalizations among people over 65.
This was not spun by the federal government and the media as just another flu. This was a pandemic. As such, they would gather up their experts, develop H1N1 medication, and get it to the nation.

We all know that did not quite work out they way they wanted. If you want a shot or want your children inoculated, you are pretty much out of luck. Who has the time to wait in lines? If you are not in the "risky" category, do not apply.

Get the government involved, you get FIMA's response to Hurricane Katrina victims; you get out of control spending -- stimulus programs, bailouts, corporate take overs -- that has only negative impacts on the economy.

The federal government wants to take over the nation's health care. It can't even get a real H1N1 inoculation program that they had plenty of time to address. Who actually thinks they can pull this off? Obviously some bureaucratic lunatics. It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

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