Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Would We Do In A Real Pandemic?

The flu is no fun. However, there are bragging rights for some, it appears, who are sick, hoping they have the swine flu. I hear people tell me they have the swine flu when I know they are lying.

For some reason, I am assuming insecurity, some people take great pride in being sick especially with a "popular" condition. No one wants syphilis, cancer or shingles. But swine flu? If one is going to have the flu, let's just hope its the H1N1 2009 variety. Some people need some pity points, I assume. Or how about those people who ask you how you are doing and when you tell them, will try to one-up you on being sicker -- either themselves or someone they know.

Thankfully, many if not most medical facilities don't bother with a specific flu-strain diagnosis. Instead, the dorks will go to the doctor for the flu will pay their deductible, get their vitals taken, tell the MD what the problem is, he/she will tell them that they have the flu, that they should rest, drink fluids, yada yada, and bill insurance for their time -- as much as insurance will allow.

Does one really need to go the the MD for the flu? There are exceptions, of course, but the answer is no. Americans go to the MD way too often. And it costs us all more money as a result, in the form of higher premiums. MDs love when people come in because it allows them to bill for their time. They are not going to do anything most of the time. At best, they will give you some prescription for some medication that you probably do not need. The more patients they can see in a day, the more money they can make.

The human body is an amazing organism. It is able to withstand and recover from many ailments. Don't get me wrong, modern medical is great. We need this care when we are seriously ill. But too many people have hypochondriac tendencies.

This flu is not serious. The swine flu is not any more of a pandemic than the seasonal flu. Yet the federal health agencies and national and local new agencies do society a huge disservice by creating panic where none is warranted.

The problem with what they are doing is calling wolf when there is no wolf. An if there were, they would have failed in their attempts to cull the outbreak.

If you want to read about a real flu pandemic, read about the influenza that ran rampant in 1918, where between 20-40 million people died.

Again we see people in the drug manufacturing, public health and media industries trying to sell a product that governments will buy, medical outlets will sell, self-justification of organizations, positions and educational prowess, and the desire to sell news.

If America was hit with a real pandemic, it will probably do better than they did in 1918, but it would be nothing like this ridiculous, mock swine flu, non-pandemic of 2009. It is an embarrassment to all involved including those individuals that have their shorts in a bind over a non-issue. If you get the flu, you get the flu. There's a 99.99999 percent chance you will make a complete recovery without the involvement of a MD.

Update 11/2/09: I have had the flu since Friday. Did not go to the MD. Don't care what strain I have. Saturday and Sunday were a bit rough, but I think I am going to survive. I just see it as the on-going process of building a better physical defense.

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