Thursday, October 29, 2009

Socialization of America -- Government to Do More

I stand amazed at the recent polls of Americans who feel the federal government needs to do more, that we need socialized medicine, and that we need a public insurance option run by the federal government.

The amazing thing is that, in general, there are as many in favor of bigger government as there are opposed. Pessimistic/optimistic, glass half empty/half full?

Do those that are polled actually know any of the details about what they oppose or favor? What bigger or smaller government mean?

What does it mean to send more or fewer troops to Afghanistan? How would Joe Six-Pack know the policy implications of one versus the other? He wouldn't.

In politics, it comes down to the economy for most voters. Do you have a job? Are you getting raises? Do you feel richer or poorer? Can you cover a mortgage? Do you want to or can you upgrade your standard of living? Do you have a reliable car? Do you have acceptable healthcare? Are your children getting the education you think they should be getting? Can they get the post-high school education they desire? What disposable income do you have to enjoy some of the better things in life?

The Democrats have and continue to try to make government bigger. Apparently almost as many as those that don't, like this. Do they really know what this means to the nation and to them specifically next year, in five years, in twenty years? The obvious answer is no. Too many are in love with the Robin Hood redistribution ideology because they view themselves as the have-nots.

A socialized America is not the America I desire and I bet not the one most people desire...if they only knew...

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