Monday, October 05, 2009

Sen. Hatch on Climate Change Legislation

I write my congressman (Matheson) and senators (Hatch and Bennett) on a regular basis. They all do a decent job replying. I was impressed with a letter I received from Senator Hatch's office last week on the topic of climate change legislation.

I was impressed with the writer of the 2-page letter, obviously way over the head of Senator Hatch. At least he has qualified staff capable of understanding and describing a meaningful position.

Hatch is against cap and trade as described in H.R. 2454 (which passed on 26 July 2009 with a 219-212 vote). The Senate should be addressing this any day.

Hatch is questioning the assumptions made by the UN Panel on Intergovernmental Climate Change (IPCC). His staffer describes historical Antarctica ice core and the assumption that CO2 is the primary driver of climate change.

An all-encompassing cap and trade program might decrease by nine-hundredths of a degree F.

The costs associated with it far out weigh any revenue. For Utahans, the average electric bill will increase 70 percent, the highest in the nation.

Cap and trade will hurt American competitiveness. Manufacturing jobs will continue to move abroad. Most other countries, at least those producing goods, will not bother with CO2 controls.

Hatch's staffer concludes: "rather than looking at ways to artificially control society through the creation of a false market, we should be tapping into the free market to reduce CO2. False markets simple redistribute wealth to the preselected winners and losers, the winners here would be the select few who control carbon credits and the rest of us would be the losers. Such an outcome is the natural result of mandatory cap-and-trade rules, for if you control carbon, you control life."

Well done Senate staffer.

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