Sunday, October 18, 2009

Left Fork of Huntington Canyon

What an enjoyable hike. The Left Fork of Huntington Canyon starts right off Highway 31, about 18 miles from Huntington, at the Forks of Huntington Campground. My daughter (12 years old) and I started about mid-day on a beautiful fall Saturday. We made sure we wore our blaze orange as it was the deer hunt opening weekend (she took her's off on the return trip).

We hiked the 4.5 miles up to the Scad Valley. It climbs about 600 feet in elevation -- up and down tributary intersections. We only saw 4 people -- all fishermen, as it is a popular fishing area. After a short snack, we walked back to our truck. The round trip took us 4 hours. At around 8000 feet in elevation, it can get cool quickly once the sun starts going down.

Dominated by Engelmann spruce, there are some interesting soil erosion barriers in a variety of places along the route -- mother nature getting its better hand in some areas.

A great trail to take young hikers. It would make a nice overnighter for a scout group.

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