Monday, October 19, 2009

Global Warming Trinity

Man-made global warming's imminent disaster. The global warming trinity.

Prudence says that man should be good stewards of the land. Foolishness is the cry of doom unless we do something, regardless of the cost, ... yesterday.

We truly live in an insane world when we hear the so-called "world leaders" claim that we must all come together to solve a problem that DOES NOT EXIST and IS NOT CAUSED BY MAN?

The level of arrogance to think that if we tossed out the combustible engine and built wind and solar farms (as long as "they" can't see them), the oceans and the climate would enter into perfect harmony .. with man and all nature. Utopia.

We have one group of people (baby-boomers, students and ideologues) who has bought into man-caused global warming that will cause catastrophic destruction and the other group (Gore, Moore, etc.) that sees how it can exploit the hysteria for financial gain.

Politicians are just being politicians. One party that knows how to milk its alliance, regardless of the facts, and another party that really does not know how to build a compelling and viable competing argument.

This topic does not merit any further discussion because it is so remedial. Cap and trade is just about the worst political idea of all time. Bad ideas, even stupid ideas are fine, but when they become government policy, that's where the danger is.

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