Thursday, September 03, 2009

Who Cares Network TV Anchors

If a network TV anchor is replaced, will anyone notice?

I guess if you work in the news groups of NBC, ABC or CBS, the network news anchor is the crème de la crème. So when World News' Charles Gibson announces his retirement and is replaced by Diane Sawyer, besides her mother and co-workers (who are probably just jealous), who cares?

There are some professions that demise over time; and a network news anchor is one.

I have not watched TV news -- cable or network -- in years. There is nothing offered worth the 30 minutes. Might be why their ads are targeted at those 65 and older (a real desired demographic).

At least Diane Sawyer can keep Katie Couric (NBC) company. Two females in this role will get some who cares interest (not me). I don't even know who the anchor is on the network news leader NBC.

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