Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enough With the Government Media Complex

Spend 10 minutes on conservative talk radio and you will hear the host rant and rave at how the main stream / drive-by / state-sponsored media fail to report on this or that.

For those of us that have listened to conservative talk radio for years, it is a broken record. There are new listeners all the time but do we really need to be reminded that there is a "conspiracy" within the media?

The only thing that makes me sicker than hearing the new media talk about the incompetency of traditional media -- which we all know to be the case -- is hearing the media that cover the White House laugh at Obama's pathetic jokes. They think he is so charming. They are the biggest group of butt-kissers going.

Can one even imagine a more useless college degree than journalism? Might as well call it a degree in 'government PR' because traditional reporting that lacks a bias is all but gone.

Let's quit stating the obvious: we all know that the government media complex is real and will not change anytime soon.

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