Tuesday, September 08, 2009

City Council Elections - Highland Utah

Local, small town elections...

On a micro scale, they tend to parallel the state and federal ones. Too many candidates disguise or hide their true intent.

In the city of Highland (Utah), there are six candidates for City Council. All but one of them based their "campaigns" on LDS Church assignments, number of children, or some list of boards they have served on. Only one of the six candidates actually tells you what they intend to do with any detail.

I only know one of the candidates. I like him as a person. But he would be the last person I would ever vote for. He is as liberal a person I have ever met. He makes sure he hides the fact. He has never met a government spending and growth program he does not support.

I am disappointed in this lot of candidates. They are either stupid thinking people vote based on the candidates' college, employer or hobby or they are hiding something, namely their positions on the issues.

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