Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Broken Obama Song and Dance

Yesterday, President Obama felt it was important to talk to our children. His push to learn / personal responsibility speech given in Virgina and broadcast to many classrooms around the nation was nothing more than demagoguery.

The MSM painted a picture that many were unwilling to allow their children to hear his speech. Certainly some people drew the wrong conclusion, that the speech was another of his indoctination chats. For good reason. The problem was not the speech but the speaker. More and more people do not trust Obama.

With his Obamacare on the ropes, he'll try anything to change the sentiment. His going after the children is a flanking maneuver. His real target at this time is socialized medicine.

It has only taken six months and people are sick and tired of hearing his song and dance.

His voice is in our faces constantly. He'll be on TV again tonight to campaign for Obamacare, despite the opposition of the majority of the American people.
He will call for a new spirit of unity and bipartisanship (just as he did in the campaign) and lament the bitterness and divisions roiling the nation when all agree on general goals for health care reform: insuring the uninsured, while making insurance more secure and affordable for those who already have it. He will stigmatize the enemies of reform as political hacks or special interests, and call upon the people to rise above the fear-mongers and demagogues and to embrace reform with hope and confidence. Hell certainly invoke the memory of his fallen friend, the Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, and call for all Americans to go forward in his spirit. The speech will surely spend lots of time talking about bridging gaps and joining hands and singing kum-ba-ya, even while the President knows theres no chance Republicans will feel swayed by his words. Thats not the point of his address, of course. The point is to make those Republicans look bad when they refuse to bridge gaps and join hands and sing kum-ba-ya.
There are so few politicians I can tolerate. It does not take me long to turn off the voice because I know they are just a bunch of blow-hards. And Obama is the biggest blow-hard of all. He may go down in history as the most dishonest and untrusted president we have ever had; and for good reason.

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