Saturday, August 15, 2009

VA-like Medical Care Is the Best Government Can Provide

I have had the opportunity to spend some time with some of the VA facilities in the US. The men and women that work for the VA do an admirable job caring for the men and women whom have served in our armed forces. More often than not, most of the patients seem to come from the lower class of society -- not covered by their employers' health care insurance programs. The federal government provides for these individuals at over 40 hospitals throughout the USA.

Because is it taxpayer supported, the employees are not as well paid as those that perform the same jobs in the private health care sector. This leads to medical professionals that may not be as good as their colleagues in the private ranks. More often than not, we take jobs that pay more, if available. The medical care being provided by the medical profession is the same, only the quality differs.

The conclusion I have drawn, right or wrong, is that this is really the best medical care the government will be able to provide Americans under a single-payer system.

If given an option, few would elect to get their health care from the VA. There are better options in the private sector, money aside.

The VA is a microcosm of the government's best medical program. If the government tries to provide medical care for all, the best we can hope for is VA-like health care.

Because of the scale and scope of a universal program, we can extrapolate and state with confidence: health care quality will diminish, availability will be rationed, and costs will be higher. This is exact opposite the politicians claim it will not occur if Obama and Pelosi get their way. Prove me wrong.

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