Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Organized Opposition...Say It Ain't So

It is laughable to hear the likes of Senator Boxer whining about organized opposition to a proposed piece of liberal legislation.

This is right out of the Democrat play book. Acorn is nothing more than a group of liberal ideologues rallying around a group of smart people and their liberal agendas. When the opposition does the same thing, this time apparently in nicer clothing, that's unfair.

The Democrats do not need a single non-Democrat vote to pass their single-payer, socialized medicine health care programs. They own the House, Senate and Presidency. There is nothing bi-partisan about this. They just have a group of their own that refuses buy into this break-the-bank, crappy socialized medical system proposal.

The anti-Obamacare will go on. The anti-anti-Obamacare will try to as well. Pelosi and Reid will try to reign in the troops but many of the troops know that the tide is pushing against them. Many congressional reps know that if they push this socialized medicine program forward they will be out of a job in November.

By the way, I have now joined the millions of Americans with no health care insurance. The company I partially own and help manage can no longer afford it. It was either pay $1350 a month for medical and dental (average care 70:30) for our current policies (where other group members' costs are born by the others), or go out on my own and find it cheaper. I think I can find it much cheaper, and better. But if Obamacare takes hold in 2013 or so, the federal option might be cheaper but one can rest assured it will not be better. It might be okay for a few years but over time, it will become as inept and unappealing as the British NHS.

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