Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obama & Holder Renege on National Security

As has been written repeatedly here, I am against most government. They are inefficient and bureaucratic, with no real motivation for quality because they have no competition. Competition makes better offerings for most. However, there are things that only the federal government can do, for example, interstate transportation and defense.

Yesterday, President Obama and Attorney General Holder named a special prosecutor to investigate CIA interrogation methods used five plus years ago on the heals of the 2001 attacks and evolving terrorist plots against the USA. This announcement came after the Department of Justice released (by ACLU-won court order) a CIA redacted report on the CIA's interrogation program.

Some of the findings makes for interesting reading and have certainly curtailed modern interrogation techniques. See comments from the Washington Post and New York Times

Obama and Holder are looking back, not forward, and going against things they previously said:
It would be unfair to prosecute dedicated men and women working to protect America for conduct that was sanctioned in advance by the Justice Department. – Attorney General Eric Holder, April 2009

As a result of my analysis of all of this material, I have concluded that the information...warrants opening a preliminary review into whether federal laws were violated in connection with the interrogation of specific detainees at overseas locations. – Attorney General Eric Holder, August 2009

There is nothing more important than protecting the identities of CIA officers. So I need everybody to be clear: We will protect your identities and your security as you vigorously pursue your missions. — Barack Obama at CIA headquarters, April 2009.

One of my first acts as president is going to be call in my new attorney general to review every single executive order that’s been issued... to overturn those that are undermining the Constitution, undermining our civil liberties, that are promoting this cockamamie theory of Unitary government, that says that somehow the executive branch does not need to obey the Constitution. — Barack Obama, radio interview, 2007.
The unredacted CIA report was presented to Senate and House Intelligence Committees and to the Department of Justice in 2004. It was determine that each interrogation case (less one) was not worthy of prosecution. The interrogators were operating as directed (although some of these means have since stopped).

Liberals were in an uproar over the "outing" CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson a few years ago. Today, they are betraying covert CIA operatives as if it were the very essence of virtue.

The action demoralizes a front line organization. They must use "sissy tactics" that are unlikely to yield any meaningful intelligence, especially when time is important.

Historically, special prosecutors go out of their way to find something. They have little oversight. Finding things that stick is crucial to their personal careers.

By threatening to prosecute CIA officials, the Obama Administration is taking ownership of future troubles in a way that will only do itself harm. Americans will once again see that the Democratic Party cares as much or more about settling scores against fellow Americans as it does about fighting the war on terror.

You wonder which side they’re on. You must question the sanity of Justice picking a fight against, of all potential targets, the CIA.

We continue to fight simultaneous external and internal wars. The biggest threats always seem to come from within.


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