Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Liberal Lies About Obamacare

John Hawkins wrote a succinct article today entitled 5 Liberal Lies About Obamacare. Here are the five lies:

-- The public option won't kill private health insurance.
-- Illegal aliens won't be covered.
-- Abortion won't be covered by the bill.
-- The health care bill will lower costs.
-- There will be no rationing of health care.

Business conditions -- lack of free market -- will kill the private health care option. Illegals will be covered, like they are today. What Congress will not give them, the courts will. Abortion is part of every socialist society's plan for "birth control" and "female reproductive rights". If it is explicitly there, the courts will explicitly overrule.

I guess those writing and marketing the new health care product think the people are stupid. Only an idiot will buy into an argument that this new health care program, aka, socialized health care, will be cheaper and better.

The liberal fascists continue to tell lies in order to gain power and control over the masses. It has happened all over the world, from 18th century France to 20th century Germany, Russia and Italy. American fascists from Wilson and FDR to modern Reid, Pelosi and Obama are seeing the complete control over the lives of Americans.

Every time we put our trust in government, we sacrifice a bit of our personal freedom. Government controlled healthcare is the ultimate sacrifice.

We all say "when you have your health you have everything." But when the government has our health in its hands, what do we really have? An inefficient, bureaucratic system that sporadically delivers poor quality diagnosis and treatment that will continues to worsen and cost more over time.

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