Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Implications of Brett Favre as a Viking

Let me be clear, my favorite NFL team is the Cleveland Browns, an AFC team. My favorite NFC team is the Minnesota Vikings. The team I dislike the most is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team I dislike the second most is the Green Bay Packers. One of my most disliked players is Brett Farve.

Three weeks ago when he said he was staying retired, that he could not get up for another season in the NFL, I was glad. So today, after signing a two year deal with the Vikings, I have very mixed emotions.

It is obvious the Viking leadership was not comfortable with Sage Rosenfels (picked up in the off season), Tarvaris Jackson (Viking draft pick) and John David Booty (Viking draft pick) as their quarterbacks.

Having watched Farve's highs and lows, he is more likely to realize his lows at this point in his career. He has always been a QB that has poor mechanics and often times bad judgement. He throws into triple coverage. He throws off-balanced. He tries to do things he could do 5-10 years ago but cannot do today.

The question we must ask ourselves is will he throw more TDs than INTs? Will his ratio be two TDs to every one pick? Four to one?

He is going to a great team. They are loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. The expectations are high. If he gets them to the Super Bowl, he'll get all of the credit; if he does not, he'll get all of the blame.

I will force myself to pull for him, because I want him to do good for my team. But I'd rather he faded away. I'd have taken my shot with lesser QBs, given all of the other talent they have.

The Vikings many not win any Super Bowl or even make the playoffs, but they will sell tickets, increase sponsorships and move Viking paraphernalia. The Vikings started selling Farve #4 jerseys today. They have a Frave Central section on their web site.

I have a sneaking suspicion that DBs in Green Bay, Chicago and Detroit are licking their chops. Sadly, I don't see him leading the Vikes to the promised land. I hope I am proven wrong.

BTW, only thing worse than a smiley Steelers fan is a happy Packer fan.

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