Friday, August 14, 2009

Affordable, Quality, Ubiquitous Healthcare? Pick Two

I am not sure how many people actually feel we need to overhaul the health care in America. But our elected officials sure feel that way.

My congressman, Jim Matheson, wrote in an email to his constituency today. One of his statements read as follows:
As someone whose family includes doctors who count many Utahns as patients, and as a father who wants a healthy future for his children, I have a deep commitment to passing comprehensive, deficit-neutral health care reform. Such an overhaul should lower costs for Utah families and businesses, increase the quality of care provided and expand access for every American.
Sounds all touchy feely...why can't we all get is for the children...mumbo-jumbo politicians are good at spouting, weak at delivering. Is it really possible to have health care that is affordable for all, of the highest quality, and available for everyone? Absolutely not.

Affordable health care? Quality health care? Ubiquitous health care? You can have two of the three, but not all three.

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