Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prime Time Obama...Desperate

There has been no other president that has spent more time in front of the camera than President Obama. Whether it is with his MSM lovers from the major networks, speeches at staged events or town hall meetings, or prime time news conferences, his voice is constantly being broadcasted.

I personally get sick of listening to him. For all the criticism we heard of Bush, Obama is the worst extemporaneous presidential statesman I have ever heard. It is bad enough listening to people say "you know" but he is top dog on "um..." The other bothersome thing is that you just know he is lying through his teeth, all in the words proper spin. His act is getting old.

Because people are tiring of his rhetoric, he is in a rush to pass a MASSIVE, ALL-CONSUMING, BREAK-THE-BANK, RIDICULOUS SOCIALIZED medicine program. A program with details unknown by 99.999999999 of the people in America (including Congress) and will not take effect for at least four years, must be passed now?

The reason it needs to be passed now is because if anyone read it and did the proper analysis, it would be laughed at.

Obama thinks he can claim credit for saving the economy. Too bad for him, most people do not think the economy is saved. There is absolutely no proof that his stimulus has done anything positive for the overall economy. But he'll try to spin his way through it.

Obama is desperate. He needs to get this passed now because if he cannot get it done now, he will risk the analysis and discussion during the recess. He knows it cannot stand a real analysis.

A loss with health care will be a major blow to the Obama appeal. Let him lose, lose lose. He's been a disaster. Makes G. W. Bush seem like a breath of fresh air, and I did not like Bush.

UPDATE: I listened to some of Obama's press conference tonight. He insulted MDs stating as if the normal practice is for them to recommend the most expensive procedure because they make the most money. He mentions tonsillectomy for a sore throat when not required. He also insulted the Cambridge, MA police for a stupid procedure. Tough to win support when you insult the medical and law enforcement communities.


Anonymous said...

The economy is getting better. Read the paper and find out which corporations are making a profit. BTW, he should be judged on his ideas, not his "um's".

China Car Service said...

Yes its fact, now economy is gettning better after G25....

Anonymous said...

The stimulus is to get the flow of money going again. Banks need to give out loans. People need to spend money. None of this can happen if people are not working. That is what a stimulus does. It gets money flowing. It is too early to say the stumulus is not working. This is a process that can take well over a year to be fully implemented. In the mean time, it is great to see that jobs are slowly creeping back up. Many are still out of work, but more jobs will become available as the flow of money increases.

The Reasonable Christian said...

Money flow? The economy is getting better? Even though unemployment continues to rise? The system of Keynesian economics is broken beyond repair. Anyone who believes adding trillions of dollars in debt will fix the economy is expansion of the money supply will inevitably be inflationary and the destruction of the dollar. You cant put a band-aid on terminal cancer.

Anonymous said...

You must not be watching the news. The economy is much, much better than it was last October. There are still problems of course with unemployment, but there is a definite swing going upward.

We are not throwing money into the trash. No, we are putting money back into the consumer. That means many people get to KEEP their jobs instead of being let go. As these people continue to work, that earned money goes back into our economy.

The Reasonable Christian said...

Back into the consumer? Oh yea I forgot that consumer spending is 2/3 of the economy. Beings our manufacturing base has been exported, an economy that relies on consumers spending borrowed money is surely on very thin ice. But yea I watch the news and that's what they are saying...its getting better, so go borrow some money and spend...go and "stimulate" the economy. Meanwhile unemployment keeps rising and the dollar is reaching historic lows. But then again an opinion on economic health is an objective matter. As one who makes his living watching economic indicators, it looks to me like the trillions already printed and "spent" are a mere trickle compared to the untold trillions of debt and risk still held while real estate values continue to shrink. :(