Saturday, July 04, 2009

Palin Enamored by Herself

When Sarah Palin she was picked by McCain in his desperate attempt to resuscitate his presidential run, it was a desperate move. For a period, she was refreshing. Mainly in the sense that she introduced some core conservative principles that McCain failed to grasp. However, it did not take too long for her game to get stale.

Her announced resignation as Alaska governor 16 months prior to her term ending obviously sets her up for something she think will be bigger, namely a presidential run for 2012.

She is already over-exposed. She has surrounded herself by 'yes' people, telling her how great she is and how she'd make a great president.

This is not a gender thing; never was. During her VP run, she quickly turned off independents, especially women. There may be some Republicans that think she's the real deal, but I for one am not.

Her best days as a politician are behind her. She's not a business person. She's not a lawyer (which is a good thing). She's a journalist by education. She's not amazingly bright, well-read or gifted. She might do okay behind a new desk or as a reporter. I can't see her as a successful talk show host.

Palin is polarizing figure. She is enamored by herself. She's one in a long list or Republicans that I'd just as soon would disappear from the public eye. Palin is not the the savior of the Republican Party. Those who think so will continue to see loss after loss.

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