Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Healthcare Bill Must Be Defeated

The Obama-lead health care reform bill is heading in the direction I hope it takes: caving in due to its own weight. Every thing about the bill is destructive.

Since the beginning, Obama has been leading the "trust me, this is what you American people want and need."

Cost will be higher than expected. Taxes will go up for all tax payers; i.e., middle class and higher. Quality will be decreased. Care will be bureaucratic, not based on best practices. Most will not be able to keep their current insurance.

Insurance companies will not be able to compete against the federal government. Self-insured people and organizations will be outlawed.

Obama and his Democrat Congressional allies are lying through their teeth. Most of the proponents have no idea of the details within the health care bill. How could they? It is over 1000 pages and no Congressional member has read it in its entirety. And we know Obama has not read it, he admitted so.

It is not about health care, it is about the federal government taking more and more control over our lives. It just is. Life will not be better for the majority of Americans. It will diminish.

As Limbaugh has said repeatedly, "remember how smoking sin taxes and regulations would reduce overall taxes and reduce health care cost, the exact opposite occurred."

Obama's a fraud and a liar, a typical politician, albeit one with no track record or one that had accomplished anything (and doubtful he was even born in America). The man is a calculated communist -- knowing exactly what he is doing (government-run health care is a core socialist and communist value). Luckily, more and more American people are waking up to this.

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Anonymous said...

It is far cheaper to pay for medical coverage for all than to pay for ER visits from the poor. Also, a living body can work and make money. A dead body rots in the ground.