Monday, July 20, 2009

Health Care Reform and Undocumented Workers

The proposed or pending Democratic/Obama’s health care reform legislation has been:

1. Deceptive (no one reads the legislation prior to voting).
2. Based on fiscal irresponsibility (this year's deficit will be ~$1.85 trillion and will only get worse in the future).
3. Entitlement are increasing to astronomical levels (at least $53 trillion of unfunded liabilities due to previous entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid).
4. Unconstitutional (point out where health care is authorized in the U.S. Constitution).

As it is going, and considering who is behind it, one can assume that illegal immigrates will be covered under the forthcoming health care law (single-payer system) somehow. La Raza and the Daily Kos are all over this. They do an amazing job trying to spin it. They rarely differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants. They never use the word "illegal;" preferring "undocumented."

I find their so-called facts questionable. No doubt undocumented workers pay taxes, namely sales taxes, but what the pay and what they take out are disproportionate. Most work right at or below the poverty level. They pay little, if any, income taxes. Yet they attend our schools, use our emergency rooms, consume our law enforcement resources, take our welfare handouts, etc.

There is no dislike or opposition from most about immigrants, including me. It is all about legality. American has been a land of law and of opportunity. This is obviously changing before our very eyes. But it is certainly a better place to live than Mexico, the source of most of our undocumented workers.

American law needs to be followed. Contradictory law does not need to be created to fund undocumented workers' desires for free health care coverage.

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Anonymous said...

It would be wrong to ask a person, in a coma who looks hispanic, if they are a legal citizen. We treat all people who need to be treated. Cuba of all places gives aid to any injured tourist visiting their country. They have it right.